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New Lighting: Energy Efficient Bulbs

At Kaufman Homes we have found Customers of new homes or remodels experiencing the changing of now partially mandated more energy efficient type lighting. Change is not always easy but eventually energy efficient lighting and bulbs will be a way of life that we will get used and the payback will be lowered energy costs.

Home Repair and Maintenence: Fall Tips

Every season our Home Repair and Maintenance Team is sent out on calls during the Fall. This is the time of year to prepare our homes for the coming variety of inclement winter weather that we can or will have in Oregon and the Salem area. During the fall we can be lulled into putting off doing these things especially if we have an Indian summer, but this good weather makes outdoor winterizing much easier. Once this inclement weather hits, and rest assured it will, then we are scrambling to do after the fact and by then it may be too late or the weather may make it more difficult or dangerous to do.

Home Repair and Maintenance: Signs and Causes of Water Damage

Kaufman Homes Home Repair and Maintenance division has done a lot of exterior home repairs resulting from moisture intrusion and water damage. Most all of these problems could have been prevented if they had been discovered early on. The longer these problems exist the greater the damage and the more extensive the home repairs are. I have included a list of items that will help you in your own home inspections.