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Drywall Repair: The Keys to Success

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Drywall Repair: The Keys to Success

Kaufman Home’s success in remodeling has been greatly enhanced with five highly skilled technicians who each have fully equipped trucks allowing them to do all phases of construction at the highest skill level.

In remodeling and repairs, one of the most difficult things to do is to repair cracks and patches on drywall due to settling issues, leaks or matching in an old section into new construction.  Textures need to match, new and old must be feathered in to blend and when the painting is finished the patch must disappear into the original wall or ceiling.

Drywall patching and texturing is an art form best done by a trained and skilled drywall technician.  At Kaufman Homes, all of our remodel and repair technicians are well trained in patching and matching drywall and making the paint blend. They have available the best equipment, including a revolutionary power sander with a dust collection system and they all utilize the same time tested drywall products along with proven techniques.

The Key to Repairing Drywall

The key to making a drywall patch is to getting the surface flat so that it doesn’t protrude or indent from the surrounding area. The new drywall installed for the patch is at the same level that the original drywall was at allowing the technician to apply the finish to the level of the original finished drywall before texturing.

It is important to sand off a wider area of the original texture so you can feather the new patch in with the original drywall to make the patch inconspicuous. Once everything is flat, a damp sponge is used to get rid of the border of the patch. Before the finish texture is applied a good water based primer is applied to make the old and new areas receive paint in the same manner.

Without primer the paint will soak into the porous patching material and the difference will make the patch very conspicuous. In extreme cases, it is sometimes necessary to re-prime an entire area including the old drywall area usually from one wall break to another. Once the primer dries the skilled technician uses experienced skills to apply texture to match the original finish.

Matching Older Paint

It is usually difficult to paint only the patched area as the original paint is older, light weathered, may be a different brand, different sheen so it is best to just paint an entire wall area or even repaint the entire room.

All of Kaufman Home’s skilled technicians have the ability to take a remodel job and blend together skills such as drywall and painting along with a multitude of construction techniques to allow a remodel job to blend in with the original home.[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”10″][/vc_column][/vc_row]