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6 Common Myths for Selecting a Contractor

The following post deals with the most common myths that I hear as a builder all the time. I hope to once and for all stop these myths from continuing. Whether you are doing a home remodel or a custom home these apply. In fact, these apply to almost any project that you could do on your home.

Ensuring a Successful Custom Home or Home Remodel

Whether you are wanting to do a home remodel or build a custom home, this is a great list of items to keep in mind. We know that over the years there are lessons that we have learned. The list below are just some of the lessons that we would like to share with you. This list also serves as what you should also be thinking of when starting a home remodeling project or custom home because more often than not, these items don’t come up until it is too late to tackle a problem that could have been brought up at the very beginning.