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Ensuring a Successful Custom Home or Home Remodel

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Ensuring a Successful Custom Home or Home Remodel

Whether you are wanting to do a home remodel or build a custom home, this is a great list of items to keep in mind. We know that over the years there are lessons that we have learned. The list below are just some of the lessons that we would like to share with you. This list also serves as what you should also be thinking of when starting a home remodeling project or custom home because more often than not, these items don’t come up until it is too late to tackle a problem that could have been brought up at the very beginning.

Once you have selected a contractor, and signed the contract, the job is ready to go.  The project will be a team effort and you are the main player.  There are a few things to know in order to help keep the project going on a positive track.

Ask Questions and Get Your Concerns Out Early

Being open and available to talk is important in order to keep the job moving forward and in the right direction.  Voice your concerns, and speak up.  If you don’t voice concerns, the contractor will not know that you have any.  Listen and take notes.  Good communication includes remembering.  Challenges will come so be ready for them.  Especially in remodel jobs, often the game plan will have to change to work around a hidden rot problem or a backordered fixture.

Who is Responsible at the Job Site?

Discuss things such as access to the home, responsibilities of locking up, material staging, protection of the home, pets, etc.  Set expectations up front so there will be no disappointments.  A good contractor will be proactive and discuss these issues with you, but if you have special needs, speak up!

Keep Calm and Carry On. Remodeling Can be a Little Hectic at Times.

Remodeling can be disruptive, especially a kitchen or large remodel.  There are times when it may be best to plan a vacation around painting or demolition, or to stay at a hotel during the time the shower is removed.  Don’t plan to entertain or host visitors while your remodel is in progress. The remodel will be done soon and it will be much more relaxing to host in a newly remodeled home.  When scheduling changes occur, look at the situation and make sure that everyone including you is being fair and reasonable with their expectations, and understanding of situations beyond their control.

Change Orders Happen. Make Sure they are Appropriate.

The dreaded change order will probably happen.  There are 2 types of change orders:

  1. A homeowner requests additional work to be done or changes a product or material selection
  2. A hidden condition is uncovered during construction (something that is beyond the scope of work or specifically excluded in the specifications).

If a change order does not fit either of the above descriptions, you may be getting taken advantage of.  Change orders are not a way to make up for estimating mistakes or loss of profitability on the job. Also make sure all change orders are in writing and realize that they may affect the schedule.  Any schedule changes should be noted in the change order.

Kaufman Homes would love to help you whether you would like to build a new homeor remodel an existing.Please don’t hesitate to call 503-370-8390 to schedule an appointment.[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”10″][/vc_column][/vc_row]