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Preventing and Minimizing Fires in Your Home

I personally had an experience at my home a few years ago with a small fire that could have been disastrous. A candle up on a pedestal was not extinguished before going to bed and the candle in the glass container burned to just liquid and broke the glass spilling the hot candle fluid on top of the table cloth starting a big fire.

23 Household Tips to Make Life Easier

It is always wonderful when we can learn from the knowledge of others gathered from experiences. One thing I have learned, from being in business for many years, is that somewhere someone has already figured out something we want to know and are usually willing to share.

Granite Countertop Maintenance

We get various questions from homeowners regarding the maintenance of their granite countertops. Granite is perceived to be durable and maintenance free, and in most cases that applies to most stone counters, but not all granite is the same. Although granite is extremely hard, some of the minerals in it may be very soft, depending on the type of granite. The type of finish may affect how often the countertop should be cleaned and sealed.

Preparing Your Home for Regular and Extended Vacations

Going away for a period of time means you are either leaving your home for a vacation or going on extended stay. Either way we all go with concerns for what may happen to our home while we are gone, what services have we forgotten to cancel and how secure is our home while gone. Hopefully the following list will help prepare your home and yourselves for vacation and give you more piece of mind and avert potential problems or disasters.

Preparing your Home for an Emergency

It is very important to always have your home prepared for emergencies such as power outages and or many other natural disasters which may interrupt your normal living patterns.If at all possible designate a place in your home, which is readily accessible, to these emergency items.