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Custom Home: Choosing Windows for Energy, Sound and Extreme Weather

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Custom Home: Choosing Windows for Energy, Sound and Extreme Weather

When Kaufman Homes was developing The Villas at Illahe Hills an issue that we had to overcome was the sound of trains that were present behind the homes. When building a custom home or remodeling your house choosing the right windows and insulation can not only dampen sound but also increase energy efficiency. You have to take into consideration the site and the surroundings. Just like when you selected the land that you were going to build your custom home, selecting windows or even types of windows in various areas of the house is very important.

Back to the Villas, we took this process very seriously. After much research, talking to sound consultants, window manufacturers and insulation providers, we came up with two very successful solutions. Item # 3 on the list below cut down window noise tremendously. That along with doing blown in blanket insulation instead of traditional batt insulation, almost completely eliminated those two noises. Current homeowners at the Villas” will attest to this.

Here’s a quick guide to help you sort out what makes a window energy, sound and weather efficient you should select when building your custom home.  From this you can specify to a window manufacturer what your needs are.

  1.  If the goal is to keep as much heat in the home as possible, then triple pane, low U-factor/low E in a non-metal frame window is the best choice.
  2. If the goal is to let in as little heat as possible look for a low SHGC coefficient.
  3. If the goal is to let in as little noise as possible, double and triple-pane windows work well. Argon or krypton gas helps insulate and dulls the sounds. Specially made sound-sensitive windows also have special features such as spring-loaded seals and extra dead-air spaces.
  4. If you use air conditioning and want to reduce that cost, look for SHGC values of 0.30 or less.
  5. If the goal is to reduce fading of items in your home, windows can be purchased that exclude certain light spectrums, but generally look for a window with a low VT. While some fading is due to the ultraviolet part of the spectrum, visible light can be responsible for about half of the fading of fabrics, art, and wood finishes.
  6. If the goal is to reduce condensation, the entire window system needs to be considered. Double and triple pane windows with Low-E in a non-metal frame work well. Look also for a high CR rating. You can reduce interior humidity by turning on your AC or heating system.
  7. If the goal is to have a window that will withstand coastal winds and salt then the following features should be included:
    1. Structural silicone glazing
    2. Extra fasteners to anchor hardware and hinges
    3. Galvanized metal jamb clips
    4. Vinyl cladding (resistant to wear caused by sand and salt)
    5. Reinforcements to the frame, sash and panel to stave off the effects of high wind and impact

Kaufman Homes can use our experiences of many different kinds of custom homes and remodels and continual research to help determine the right kind of window to put in your new homeremodel or addition. Our trained field technicians are very skilled at putting in these windows properly to ensure the window does not leak and performs as intended.

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