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Building vs. Remodeling in 2011

Kaufman Homes receives a lot of inquiries saying they would like to consider building a new home or remodel an existing home, and how much would that cost? Most people are in the fact finding stage when we get this call as they have been assessing their needs like: “we need more space”, “our current home is outdated” or “It would be nice to have”.

6 Common Myths for Selecting a Contractor

The following post deals with the most common myths that I hear as a builder all the time. I hope to once and for all stop these myths from continuing. Whether you are doing a home remodel or a custom home these apply. In fact, these apply to almost any project that you could do on your home.

8 Ways to Update Your House for Little Money

I know many of you want to do some updating of your home but are afraid you will have to spend a lot of money! Many of these items can be done by you if you have the time and are handy with tools, paint brush and etc. Some items are beyond the scope of what many of us can do so we must rely on professionals. A good way to work with costs is to set a plan of action and prioritize your list to do the most needed things first and on down the list as you can afford.