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Can you Remodel or Build a New Home in the Rain?

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Can you Remodel or Build a New Home in the Rain?

In Salem, as well as most parts of Western Oregon, our weather is usually mild enough to allow certain remodeling projects and custom homes throughout the Fall and Winter without serious problems. In past years, Kaufman homes have begun many various size new homes, remodels and additions in October and November without significant problems. Ideally, if you can get the shell of the structure up and “dried-in” before mid-October, the remaining exterior work can dodge the storms, and the interior work can proceed unimpeded. If the roof must be removed, it is often easier to protect the house from snow than from Spring rains, since snow can be removed before melting.

When you start a Remodel or Custom Home is CRITICAL

Timing, however, is crucial. If a surprise storm brings a foot of wet snow or a week of sub-zero temperatures just after the basement or crawl space is excavated, you may incur costly delays or remedies in order to form and pour the foundation. On the other hand, the same storm an hour after the foundation is poured may be nothing more than a minor inconvenience.

Drying out a home or addition, once the roof is on is fairly easy with dehumidifiers, fans and a heat source.  Cold, windy weather also dries out a structure quickly.   Oregon building codes as of July 3, 2008 requires the moisture content prior to drywall to be no more than 19%.  No onsite inspection by the local building official is required but the building official must be notified of compliance by a written form using the state provided Moisture Content Acknowledgement Form at the bottom section of this link. We do not feel that 19% is sufficient so we test the moisture and have always been careful to take it down to 10-12% before insulating and dry walling.

Remodeling during the Holidays

Kaufman Homes is very sensitive about starting kitchen remodels, bath remodels and additions just before Thanksgiving because of the potential disruption to the family as kids may be home from school during Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. An exception could be the owner taking an extended vacation to warmer weather during this time or for that matter anytime during a remodel or addition.  Leaving during this process would make life much less stressful for the owner but this would require a high level of trust and confidence in your builder and may still require the owner to come back for short periods for their own well being and making special decisions. With the cell phone, computer photos and even Skype, leaving during this time is more possible than in past years.

Any increase in cost associated with weather protection or lost efficiency could easily be offset by the advantage of utilizing current prices of labor and materials, which may be lower in what is normally a slower construction time of year, locked in interest rates and finishing the project on schedule, instead of delaying for a spring start.

Please don’t hesitate to schedule a meeting to discuss the process.  The design and estimating time frame will determine when construction can start.  For those of you who are weather sensitive or time sensitive, Kaufman Homes will schedule the design and estimating process  to allow a construction start with the better spring or summer weather, or whenever it is most convenient to your needs or commitments.   We are confident in providing the same high quality finished product, Kaufman Homes is known for, regardless of when construction is started or finished.[/vc_column_text][dt_gap height=”10″][/vc_column][/vc_row]